Doing the right things
before doing the things right

We help shift your
organizational culture
to spark action !

In our increasing VUCA environments, we only see part of the puzzle when we need to make decisions. This requires doing the right things before doing the things right and doing it together.

We help you communicate and innovate collaboratively by giving the right tools, mindsets, and methodologies to “future proof” your organization. By designing for innovation, you build a more creative and human-centred culture, leading to happier people and more meaningful business outcomes.

The Sparks


We love working with a number of highly
skilled colleagues in a co-creative way.

meet the community

Over the years Sparks has collaborated with many
organisations, of which

Sparks is a mind-blowing method which carries you away into a crash course where all regular references are lost and new points of reference are built, ready to become habits. Getting into the game was easy, the sessions are highly interactive, using humour educational wisdom to anchor the right words and the right reflexes in a snap.

HR director Cambridge Technology Partners

“Sparks does amazing work on business improvisation skills. By building individual and organizational capabilities to respond to the unexpected he helps teams to become more resilient and adaptable…”

IMD Business School professor Switzerland

“I attended a training course on ‘dealing with conflict’ with Sparks and felt inspired and empowered by their approach, which is participatory, thought provoking and highly effective. Sparks certainly knows how to get the best out of people!”

HR professional, CERN

The course design is fantastic and offers a safe environment to change perspectives, observe and reflect within a diverse group of likeminded people. A must go to if you want to step up the facilitation game.”

Sales and Consulting specialist, Austria

I joined this course, because I wanted to learn from the best. I in fact learnt from two highly skilled facilitators and coaches, with a genuine interest for people and a serious sense of humor, it was inspirational and game changing!

Strategic Designer, sporting goods industry