11-12-13 October 2023 – Nürnberg – This is Service Design Doing: Facilitation Deep Dive

(ENGLISH) This is Service Design Doing: Facilitation Deep Dive is an expert course for anyone leading or facilitating co-creative activities in service design, like project workshops, sprints, ideation or prototyping sessions, hacks, jams; or training courses. Part of the prestigious #TiSDD brand.

This three-day course dives deep into facilitation concepts and practices, with a goal of understanding how adults work and learn, as well as better understanding our own behavior and preferences as a facilitator.

Through a series of highly interactive activities, participants will imagine and test facilitation techniques and methods. They will have opportunity to practice and get feedback from both faculty and their peers. At the end of the school, they will be fully equipped for leading many types of co-creative workshops as well as meetings and work groups.