14 May 2020 – Online course
FLOW: Facilitation Fundamentals Trilogy

PILOT – This interactive webinar is one of three connected units introducing the fundamentals of collaboration which are valid in offline and online facilitation. This course looks at how facilitators’ choices in action can support co-creative FLOW, even when the unexpected occurs.

This two-and-a-half hour course will help you understand how facilitators can move between freedom and control to keep sessions moving forward and support co-creative FLOW.  Through interactive online activities, we will explore different choices you can make in your facilitation, and how your choices during action will help you be confident and effective, even when the unexpected occurs.

This course is part of our Facilitation Fundamentals Trilogy: STRUCTURE, PRESENCE and FLOW. The courses can be taken in any sequence: see our calendar for dates of the other Fundamentals courses.